Meet the Team


Michael Hickey

Michael has 20+ years experience of Railway Signalling Design Delivery. "I joined the Railway Signalling industry as a Trainee Signalling Designer in July 2000 after studying Electronic Servicing. I took the knowledge gained from this course and quickly with the aid of mentorship and industry based training gained a good base understanding of how the railway worked and the signalling principles required to be able to deliver projects from a design office perspective in a safe and timely manner. I have to date got extensive signalling experience across a variety of topics such as Control Tables, Route Relay Interlockings, SGE Geographical interlockings, computer based interlockings (SSI and Westlock) and DC track circuit bonding."

Russell Simpson

Russell has 20+ years experience of Railway Signalling Design Delivery. "I joined the railway signalling industry as a trainee signalling designer in 2000 where I was able to transfer the engineering skills learned during my engineering apprenticeship to quickly establish a strong grasp of signalling principles. I have been lucky enough to have had hands on experience of various interlocking types including RRI, SSI, Smartlock and Westlock and for most other aspects of signalling design too, such as scheme plans, location area plans, bonding, REB and location wiring, signalling design specifications and fringe specifications. I work hard and take pride in my final product and I am conscious to provide the best possible work to the user down the line whether that is a checker, tester, client or passenger."